Messhall Update2

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Modeled a door today, but I couldn’t help myself and ended up doing a rough animation for it. :p

Messhall update

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Mess Hall

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Mess hall. Tomorrow unwrapping and modeling a couple of simple assets.

Corridor 2 (spaceship)

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Had to wrestle with Maya a little bit. There’s definitely a lot of stuff that I don’t remember, plus stuff that I never knew. Meanwhile, I booted up the new 3dsmax, only to find it’s been changed like crazy (2011). Making AO maps in 3dsmax is a LOT easier than in Maya, according to me, but modeling feels smoother in Maya for some reason. Oh well.

When I started working on this I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but now I do. I’m revisiting an old theme (the environments from my early portfolio stuff). Basically, it’s a space station in the Kuiper Belt. The scene I’m shooting for is sort of a kitchen/hangout quarters for the workers of the station. Mining water from the icy asteroids is hard work, but being away from home is even harder. My main objective it to eventually have 2 different scenes: the first is when the station is basically new; the 2nd, it has already been lived in. I’m only giving myself a month to do this, so I might just compromise and go for the lived in feel. Now that I know what I want it to look like, I feel a lot more motivated to do it.