update friday march 25th

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GDC was awesome and I got a LOT of good input from industry professionals. Lots of different points of view on what the game companies look for. Some said to model more assets and others to focus on more stylized environments. Also, to not try and make a giant environment because it’s too hard to populate. I agree with all of them.

Since I already have the whole island done I’ll just add a couple more things to make it more interesting and then start a new project. The original idea for these 2 projects (the sci-fi room and the island) were to learn the essentials of UDK and build a portfolio. I’ve made plenty mistakes, but I think I’ve learned a LOT from them. Modular building, sticking to the grid, using (and re-using) larger textures are some of the things I’ve learned by doing and failing/succeeding.

Here’s an update on the island scene.


I plan on finishing it tonight or tomorrow and then starting on a new one. I’ve had two ideas for a while now, which would combine what I’ve learned so far. The first is a crime scene in an alley; the second, a rope bridge over a chasm. I have both of them sketched out, just got to plan out what to model and how to model it.