This is a iOS game developed with Carl Smith, Ian Constable, Nathan Nguyen and Dan Wood (music). You can also download it here


- Controls: Use the WASD or Arrow keys to maneuver the ship. Click on the “Thrust” button to go faster or the “Retro Rockets” to slow down.

Try and beat the AI ships!





Shmup of the Colossus

Ok, so this is a small game prototype developed by Ian Constable and myself. It was made using Unity 3D.

Use WASD to move and [LMB] to shoot (The stand-alone version works with a Gamepad).


- Level 1: Destroy the spinning wheels to access the enemy ship!

- Level 2: Destroy the enemy ships and dodge the obstacles!




This is a small Shoot ‘em up prototype made using ActionScript 3.0

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Click in the missiles to launch them and hit the Flying Saucer!

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